1984      Parsonage purchased at 8401 Lyons Place, Philadelphia, PA.   This served as Eastwick’s worship center for 19 months.

1986      Purchased what is now the Mission House at 8325 Lindbergh Boulevard.  At that time, this building served as a worship center.

1987     We broke ground for our new multi-purpose facility under the oversight of Bishop F. Herbert Skeete and then Mayor W. Wilson Goode in attendance.

1988     First worship service held in the new Sanctuary.  With the addition of an annex, a temporary Day Care and Scouting programs were made available to those who were in need of services or decided to participate  in those programs.

1989     The departure of our founding pastor, The Rev. Alfred S. Maloney in June.

1989     We welcomed Rev. Dr. Frederick Douglas, Jr. in the month of July.  During this time, the congregation supported many persons in their call to ministry.

1996     Rev. Helen S. Fleming was called to lead Eastwick and several ministries were birthed at that time.

  • A satellite division of the Center for Urban Theological Studies was housed at Eastwick
  • Eastwick was selected as a resource and training center for “Strengthening the Black Church.”
  • Eastwick received the Denman Award for Evangelism for The Eastern PA Conference.
  • The Kim Jefferson Award for Urban Ministry was extended to Eastwick in the Year 2000.
  • Under the Lena Maloney CDC,  Eastwick participated in the Amachi Program  to mentor children of incarcerated persons.
  • Day Care and After School programs were developed as part of the Eastwick Helping Hands Learning Center.
  • The Food Bank saw an increase in serviceable needs and at that time distributed 2600 food baskets per month.

2003     Eastwick opened a new facility at 6630 Lindbergh Boulevard, housing offices, a banquet facility, training  programs, and one state senator.

2004     Eastwick’s Mission House’ grand opening occurred and it currently provides for Food and Clothing needs  within the Eastwick community area.

2005     Rev. Harry Benson became pastor and brought his musical gifts to the congregation to enhance its worship.

2009    Rev. Joseph Archie served in his capacity to help strengthen the congregation in a time of transition.

2011     Rev. Dr. Michael Roberts along with his wife came to serve.  Again Evangelism became the focus of the church’s ministry resulting in the Denman Award being received for the second time on behalf of Eastwick.

2014    Eastwick celebrated its Thirtieth Church Anniversary

2016    Eastwick’s current pastor Rev. Tracy Duncan was called, whose gifts of prayer and music have enhanced worship as we look forward to God’s call in this new season.