Act Like You’ve Been Somewhere.
In a recent clip of Jamie Foxx being awarded an Oscar, Jamie spoke of the family influences upon his character as he grew up. This significant influential person was his grandmother. He cited these words which shaped his actions in his life. “Act like you’ve got some sense. Act like you’ve been somewhere.”
They were instructions for him in his life journey. Yet these words could lend themselves to our own life instruction if we allow them.

Improper Use of Influence Leads to Character Flaws:
We become overwhelmed by the elements of a situation and respond out of old behaviors and unregenerated thinking. Our reasoning is faulty and our character suffers. The word of God tells us that “we have the mind of Christ (1 Cor. 2: 16b).” We do not have to rely on our own understanding but can trust that if we ask Jesus, surely He will send the Holy Spirit with an answer.

We should employ lessons learned from those who have had positive influence on us such. We should apply the lessons learned in life situations. As persons have invested time in us, we should act as if we are worthy of that investment. We shouldn’t act as if no one has helped to influence our lives positively.

A Christian Response:
A Christian will further ask for the influence of the Holy Spirit to help them make wise decisions, and to live and work with right character in a given situation. Never forget that the Heavenly Father has invested a lot in us and continues to speak to each of us by power of the Holy Spirit.

“Act like you been somewhere. Act like you are somebody.” Watch and see what the Lord will do as you use what you have learned.