Tracy A. Duncan’s call to further service in ministry was part of life-long service to the church as a musician.    She began playing piano at age 5 in the Bucks and Philadelphia counties and continues in her musical gifts even after being called to the pastorate as a second vocation.

An accomplished pianist, Tracy has played for schools, churches and has sung with various groups including Voces Novae et Antiquae (a group featuring ancient and contemporary classical music).   She has served as a choir director and has formed several joint ventures with local churches and praise bands for music for special occasions.

Tracy has earned her B.S. in Music Therapy from Slippery Rock University.  She completed her M.Div. from Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary (now Palmer Theological Seminary).

Pastor Tracy accepted an initial call to lead a small local congregation in 2007 called True Worship.  This congregation later joined in a shared ministry with Trinity Baynton UMC.   Still later the congregation changed its name to Journey of Faith, A United Methodist Congregation, basing the premise of its organization on class-leaders as a main support and oversight to the ministry of the church.  This in turn, encouraged a strong teaching ministry from those leaders who helped bolster the congregation in its missional life.

She was ordained in 2011 and in her previous appointment served as the pastor of St. Matthew UMC in Trevose.  In mid-2015, Pastor Tracy was called as part of a two-point charge adding Cornwells UMC to her existing congregation.  Both congregations have active food ministries and one engages in active missionary support in several overseas locations.

She has been employed as a mental health therapist and social worker employed in psychiatric rehabilitation, group psychotherapy and creative arts therapy in psychiatric hospitals, outpatient therapy and nursing home settings.

She serves on several Eastern PA Conference boards of The United Methodist Church on the Board of Ordained Ministry (B.O.O.M.),  the Committee on Religion and Race (C.O.R.R.)  and other boards and ministries.  Additionally, Rev. Duncan serves as a Co-facilitator of the West Philadelphia Mission Link since 2019.  this is a group of 8 churches in the West Philadelphia/Southwest area who gather for mission and ministry by supporting one another in the respective communities and for purposes of worship.   She also serves as a Clergy Mentor and Coordinator of the Board of Ordained Ministry’s Vocational Intern Program which promotes internship experiences in churches with various mission and ministry projects since 2018.

She is a strong advocate for prayer as the source and ground for experiencing the fullness of any life and ministry through Jesus Christ.   Pastor Duncan’s favorite scriptures are: “Order my steps according to your word (Psalm 119: 133) and “I have treasured thy word more than my necessary food (Job 23: 12).   Moreover as God calls us to go, people should “Go in this thy mighty (Judges 6:14).   There are many others but these few stand with initial prominence regarding the Lord’s call on her life.