Grace and Peace to the Eastwick and Extended Church Family.


I am attaching some documents which will help you navigate this new means in which we are communicating.   Looking forward to us connecting in new and unique ways.

Those documents will be:   Free Conference Call and Eastwick Worship for March 22, 2020.


Rev. Tracy A. Duncan


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  1. Hi Miss Katie:

    I sent a response via to connecting you with worship. I will certainly see that happens for Palm Sunday. In the meantime, there is a which will allow you to connect to Bible Study through the phone and that information is in the email sent. It is great to hear from you. Thanks for making use of the website.

    With your permission or your family member’s permission, I will add this email to the church’s email list so that we can keep connected during the pandemic and beyond.

    Be blessed and stay safe.

    Rev. Tracy Duncan
    P.S. Mom is doing well.

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