Grace and Peace to All:

Please take time to read through this email in its entirety.  I have also attached the Bishop’s letter as well.   Please read and join in her instructions especially around prayer.   As of the time I started this email, Bishop Johnson has revised her gathering size in light of the Office of the President’s instructions this morning.
I come before you tonight having consider the on-going changes in the Corona Virus pandemic.  I am suspending worship at our facility until further notice. For some staff I recognize that there will need to be some issues addressed.  Please contact me in private and I will get to the appropriate people to help with that issue. For most concerns, please utilize email.  I will respond as soon as I am able.   
 I am also asking that all Bible studies also exercise an abundance of caution and not gather in person.  The Free Conference Call number is available below for use during the times you would normally meet.   Please make use of it.
The Food Bank will remain open as long as protocols allow for them to so do.    I have attached the Bishop’s Blog for rationale in this decision.   Further, please take the Bishop’s call to prayer as your own.
We will worship both on line and through FREE CONFERENCE CALLing.  .   The current conference call line number is available if you contact the Pastor.
I will be working on re-shaping our worship.
I am asking Sunday school teachers and Bible study teachers to work on putting lessons online.  We will try to make them available either on the church website or in some format.
Please remember that online giving is available.   The website at www.eastwick,org under the giving tab is easy to navigate.   You will just fill in the appropriate information and your giving will be complete.
Please communicate  this information to those who do not have access to email.   These are the people you normally call, so please make that effort to do so.   I do not wish to list them by name at this time.
There will be additional updates as information changes.
Please be in prayer.   God is still alive and is concerned for the welfare of all people.
Continue to pray Psalm 91 over those in your household and anoint your doorposts and around your house with oil.   Cover yourself with oil as well.
We have not been given a spirit of fear but one of power, love and a sound mind.   (2 Timothy 1:7).
You are blessed and highly loved by God.  Please be safe.
Blessings and have a peaceful night,
Rev. Tracy Ann Duncan, Pastor


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