A Burning Bush Reflection

The Burning Bush
Everyone has a talent. We are not always aware nor do we understand how to use our talents. Recently,  I had left the congregation with an assignment to Turn Aside and find your burning bush in the past week. Burning bush encounters happen when what was always there suddenly comes into view for us and we turn aside to take a closer look.

A Closer Look
In the Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25: 14-30), a writer commented about the third man who was given one talent.  With that one talent, he did absolutely nothing!  The description of this non-use of talent was: “He didn’t have enough to make a difference.”   That comment reminded me of some gifts I haven’t used in a while.  This was my burning bush moment, to turn aside and see what I may have been letting lay dormant to pursue other things.   While at times this is necessary in ministry, we must guard that we let our talents lie fallow and forget to pick them up and utilize them again.

It wasn’t that he didn’t have a talent.  He did not possess enough internal strength to utilize his talent.  What have you been doing to build up your talents or stir up the gifts given to you?  Failing with your talent is not the issue.   Failing to try at all is the crux of the matter.

If you are sitting on a talent, turn aside and see what you can do with it today.   It’s not in the trying and failing rather we fear failing therefore we don’t try.   God has blessed us each with something.  What will you do with your talent today?

Prayer:   Creator God, show me how to use what you’ve given me.

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